Transcend Releases 8GB 40-pin IDE Flash Module (Vertical Type)

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in flash memory products, is proud to launch the 8GB 40-pin Vertical High Speed IFM (IDE Flash Module), the highest capacity among this type of product worldwide. This IFM (Vertical Type) is compact in size, measuring just 61.0mm x 26.9mm x 7.1mm, and has strong data retention.

The 40-pin IDE Flash Memory Module is ideal to be used in harsher, more demanding industrial environments such as industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, network infrastructures and other industrial equipment. Compared to a hard disk drive, an IFM offers better shockproof effect, longer data durability, and higher data transfer rate. With built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality and lower power consumption, Transcend's IFM ensures highly reliable data transfer for high-end computing applications.

Transcend uses only original SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash chips in its IFMs, which provide higher writing speeds. Transcend's 8GB 40-pin IDE Flash Modules (Vertical Type) are the perfect choice for those who need performance and reliability. Transcend offers capacities ranging from 32MB to 8GB for different industrial needs.